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Humble Sea: Craftsmanship in Every Sip

Updated: Mar 6

Humble Sea Brewery was founded by a trio of friends who shared a love for the ocean, creativity, and, of course, great beer.

From hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing lagers, their diverse lineup reflects their commitment to quality and innovation.

Welcome to Humble Sea Brewery, where

passion for craft beer meets the laid-back coastal vibes of Alameda, California. Since their beginning in 2009, Humble Sea has been on a mission to create not just exceptional beers but an experience that captures the essence of camaraderie and community.

At Humble Sea, brewing is an art form. Their team of brewers meticulously crafts each beer, embracing creativity and pushing the boundaries of flavor.

Coastal Vibes, Community Spirit

Stepping into their Alameda location you get a unique blend of history and modern vibes. It is located on the right hand corner of the Storehouse Lofts next to the enclosed dog park. (Don't forget to bring your dogs!)

Located inside of what was originally a historic storehouse, the now Storehouse Lofts has been transformed into a collection of loft-style apartments, seamlessly combining a live//work environment.

Humble Sea Branding pattern

When you walk in to Humble Sea, you can see how they thoughtfully blended their fun artistic vibe with the building. The windows and high ceilings provide a nice airy and bright interior. Most of the walls where painted, but they kept some exposed showing the commitment to preserving the authenticity of the original structure.

The art on display throughout the inside is probably my favorite part. It really adds to the "vibe" of the whole experience and ties everything together.

Every Wednesday starting at 6 pm. they host a trivia night. It has definitely gained popularity not just with the residents of the building, but with the Alameda community as well. I finally checked it out this past week and I had a lot of fun. Theres a pizza pop-up every trivia night by Pizza Forever (@p_izzaforever) so it's literally a pizza party. I encourage you to check it out next time you are looking for a fun group activity for you and your friends.

penelope beer
Humble Sea Brewery

Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or a casual drinker looking for something new, they got you. If you don't do brews, but love to socialize they have bottled Cokes, Perriers, and water.

There is also a rotation of food trucks everyday. If you want to know who will be popping up you can find it listed on their website 

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