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Roll Over Roll Up Recap

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

We are still glowing after our gorgeous event!

More than twenty adventurous individuals joined @Me for our magical 4/21 Roll Over Roll Up decompression session! We adorned the loft with streamers, poster sized prints from Alexe of @GreenGardens_ and even a cannabis leaf runway laid under plexiglass pieces at the entryway. Think part immersive art show, part CBD dispensary visit, part block party and a hefty dose of cannabis prerolls, gummies, and beverages. The intoxicating aroma of Alyssa’s Tasty Tings Jamaican patties filled the loft with a spicy, warm ambiance mingling with terpy cannabis. We sipped on CBD and CBG infused non-alcoholic wines from Reena while perusing the bath bombs and tinctures available for sale at Malaya Botanicals. To say it was an evening to remember would be an understatement and frankly we won’t sell ourselves short.

The day kicked off when Amanda with THC Design delivered an assortment of preroll multipacks in three cultivars: Crescendo, Oreoz, and Unicornz. Each preroll fit perfectly in their resting groove, with all 6 prerolls kept fresh in the childproofed tin containing 3.5g. Next JoJo, owner of Canna Munch, pulled up with bags of peach flavored, live resin infused Lites dosed at 2mg a piece. Then as usual, Spenta and Erika of PBR and St. Ides rolled their fully stocked coolers into the party preparations.

Our spectacular guests began arriving around 6pm and in true stoner fashion, we set up the massive trays of Jamaican patties while resisting the urge to eat immediately.

As guests continued arriving, we moved from our loft studio downstairs to Malaya Botanicals on the first floor and began the wine tasting and shopping portion of the evening. Pia, co-owner of Malaya Botanicals explained the various healing modalities available in her shop and then shared CBD and CBG infused non-alcoholic chardonnay and sangria to name a few.

Pia and her partner Rolando had spent the previous days working the Wellness Stage setup for the Nouera Hippie Hill event, so after the wine tasting we headed out so they could close up shop to get some rest. Our rooftop has a breathtaking view of Alameda and across the bay to San Francisco as well as the Oakland-Bay Bridge. With CBD and CBG infused sangria, PBR and St. Ides seltzers and high teas, THC Design prerolls, and live resin infused Lites, we made our way to the rooftop and enjoyed the sunset.

We rounded out the evening smoking joints, happily munching on curry chicken, curry beef, beef and cheese, jerk mushroom, and jerk chicken Jamaican patties. We barely stopped to breathe and dunk the patties in Alyssa’s famous chimichurri sauce! To the beautiful souls who spent their Friday evening with us, y’all were incredible, making new friends everywhere the eye could see! In times like these, our community will provide us the support we need to survive and together we help each other thrive.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more, subscribe to our email list on our website! We’d love to have you at our next event. If you’d like to join our sponsorship roster, send us a message with the best contact info and we’ll reach out to chat.

Sending everyone uplifting vibes for a great week and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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