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Members Only Launch 06.15.23

Presented by Chronic Culture, Written & Photographed by Melina Luz Orendain Baeza

Chronic Culture's event launched their new Members Only club with food, flavors, and fun conversation accompanied by a sizable dose of stoney vibes
Seven people are pictured sitting on couches and chairs. Includes Bianca Gutierrez of B STARR AGENCY, Mayra, and Chef Leila Ovando chatting in the lounge while smoking a blunt.
Left to right: Bianca Gutierrez (B STARR AGENCY), Mayra, and Chef Leila Ovando.

If you haven't heard of the events organized by Chronic Culture (@chronicculture_) then we're here to bring you in on the secret. Sabrina Pacheco (@sabrinasesh420) sent us an invitation to an Open House Tasting with Sense and Kalya hosted at Chronic Culture headquarters in SOMA and we were thrilled! The last Chronic Culture event we attended was a Budtender Tasting, complete with a map of where each brand showcased samples of their product at stations arranged throughout the sunlit second floor lounge.

The sunny, breezy atmosphere on Thursday night set the tone for a fantastic evening. Chronic Culture's event launched their new Members Only club with food, flavors, and fun conversation accompanied by a sizable dose of stoney vibes. Held in SOMA, the night commemorated the one year anniversary of Molly Hankins and Neil Dellacava co-founding Chronic Culture. Thursday night's event showcased smash burgers and fries by Xochi Segura (@stoneyxochi_) and Aaron Tran (@oaklandextracts), the newest flavors from Sense (@sensecc) and Kalya (@thekalyalife), plus a panel discussion on current industry challenges.

Upon arrival, attendees presented their ticket and ID at the door, then headed inside up a flight of stairs to the spacious lounge adorned with hanging plants, local art, and displays of various collaborators. This event was the third @Me invitation and each iteration has highlighted different aspects of traditional (read: pre-July 2018 regulated) cannabis culture.

Kalya and Sense as the evening's collaborators each had impressive sampling stations for their renowned products. Along with unlimited sampling at their flower and dab bars, members were able to purchase product, essentially at wholesale pricing. The accessibility of reasonably priced, exceptional medicine in exchange for a membership fee clearly stemmed from experience gained in the Prop 215 days started in 1996. Chronic Culture has actively solicited feedback from attendees and will likely increase value to members as they continue refining.

"Smoke better weed for less money." - Molly Hankins, Chronic Culture co-founder

After a couple of hours of mingling and smoking, Molly stepped on stage to address the smokey room and introduced Neil to moderate the panel. Neil began the discussion stating the industry is in an interesting place, especially for legacy operators. After drawing our attention to the large QR code displayed on the wall mounted TV screens, we were directed to complete a questionnaire that hints at areas of upcoming focus for the Chronic Culture team. Mikey Tebb initiated the live-stream and Neil reminded us that cannabis has been available for adult-use consumption 1,810 days.

"Where are we at? How are you feeling?" - Neil Dellacava inquired.

"Fighting daily." - Steve (Sense) "Happy to still be here." - Adam (Sense) "Fucking tired." - Mark (Kalya)

It's not news to point out that if you've been immersed in San Francisco cannabis culture since 2017, the current regulated environment doesn't lend much confidence. Mark from Kalya acknowledged what we all know, "Corporate cannabis is here." This piece won't cover the full circumstances, though if you'd like to read more, here's Beard Bros Pharms coverage. Mark continued, expressing that legacy brands fight the temptation of capital and/or the gray market, while still others navigate the transition from their backyard to a mainstream business.

Steve and Adam continued, specifically noting how some cannabis flower clients won't pick up Sense cultivars unless the THC percentage can test 28%-35%. Experienced cannabis connoisseurs know that terpenes (plant essential oils) contribute to the smoke flavor and consumption. Specifically, we know that heady terps can get cannabis patients delightfully high as a kite more than THC potency alone. In comparison, Kalya doesn't experience lower THC percentages negatively affecting sales. Mark suggested that rosin consumers are generally more knowledgeable about terpenes and therefore concentrates brands tend to feel pressure from flavor hunting patients more than percentages.

"Sesh vibes plus the ability to learn more." - Neil Dellacava, on Chronic Culture's Member's Only launch

After reminiscing about pre-COVID-19 flower sample smell jars, $3800/lbs, and pheno hunting, Neil wrapped up the panel. Chronic Culture's event coordinators Sabrina Pacheco (@sabrinasesh420) and Shannon McInerney (@__shannabis) did a fantastic job promoting this first Members Only event and we're looking forward to the next.


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